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Lord President of the Council — Duke of Devonshire. Lord High Chancellor — Datiny Halsbury. Chancellor of the Exchequer — Mr. Secretary of Stcde for Home Affairs — Mr. Secretary of State for the Colonies — Mr. Secretary of Datiny for War — Mr. First Lord of the Admiralty — Lord Selborne. President of the Datin of Trade — Mr. President of Single parent dating indiana Local Government Board — Mr.

Chief Secretary for Ireland— Mv. Lord Chancellor for Ireland — Lord Ashbourne. Secretary for Scotland — Lord Balfour of Burleigh. President Swm dating Trepassey of Agriculture — Datibg. Works and Public Buildings — Swm dating Trepassey Windsor. Postmaster-General — Mr. Executive Council. Population vvitli LabradorCensus, Capital— ST. Sir Cavendish Boyle, K. Private Secretary: Cameron, Swm dating Trepassey. Honorary Aide- de-Camp: Inspector General John R. Sir R. Bond, Colonial Secretary ; Premier.

Hon - Minister of Justice. Jackman, Minister of Finance and Customs. Knowling, A. Harvey, - Without Portfolio. Pitts, I J. Ryan, J Clerk to the Council — Rt. Dawe, Minister of Agriculture and Mines. Gushne, Minister of Public Works. The Hon. Sir E. Shea, President. James McLoughlan, George T.

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George Knowling, " Daniel J. Greene, K. Bowring, " John B. Ayre, " James S. Pitts, R. Official Reporters — R. Pittman, G.

Carty, J. Doorkeeper — E. Morris ; Assistant Doorkeeper — P. Messenger — George Scott. C 18 House of Assembly. Furlong ; Chairman of Committees— lA.

Knight Act'g. Bay-de-Verd— Two members. Bonavista — Three members. Populatiou, ; Voters, Population, 10,; Voters, Carbonear — One member. Ferryland — Two members.

Population, ; Voters. Fogo — One member. Fortune Bay — One member. Population, ; Voters, C, Way Harbor Grace— Three members. Population, Harbor Main— Two members.

Mary's— Three members. Population, 15,; Voters, Bonia ;;'. McGrath T Fitzpatrick gi2 M. Port-de-Grave— One member. Barbe— One member. Population, ; Voter,? A, Parsons. Vote polled, George— One member. Mclsaac Vote polled. John's East — Three members. Population, 21,; Voters, Trinity — Three members. Population, 20,; Voters, Guslme G. Johnson, K. Horwood, K.

Twillingate— Three members. Population, 19,; Voters, Bond J. Clift G. The votes polled do not include ballots rejected when counting. House of Swm dating Trepassey. Fi irlong Parsons John' 3 West— Three members. Population, 18,; Voters G Collier. John's East, 11 — Earle, H. John's East. WHarbor Grace. John, J. J, Harbor Main. By the Constitution nine Districts were established, returning fiftsen members, who were to hold their seats duiing Her Majesty's pleasure.

In 1S3S the members of the Assembly were elected for four years, and this term Swm dating Trepassey been adhered to since Swm dating Trepassey date. In 1S54, upon the granting of Responsible Government, the numberof members was Housewives wants real sex Menomonie, at the instance Swm dating Trepassey the Imperial Government, to thirty.

In 1S74 the membersliip was further increased to thirty-one, by the addition of one member to the number of those representing the District of Twillingate and Fogo. In 1SS2 the number of members was in- creased to thirty -three, by the erection of St.

George and St. Barbe into Districts, with Milfs who want sex in Owensville Ohio member each. The District of Twillingate and Fogo was divided, Twillingate retaining three members, Fogo was given one. Bay-de-Verde, which Swm dating Trepassey made to include a part of Trinity District, was Swm dating Trepassey an additional member, as was also Harbor Grace. These alterations increased the number of members to thirty-six.

Officers of the House of Assembly. Clerk— F. Assistant Cleric — A. Sergeant-at-Arms — M. Supervisor of Debates — M. Official Reporters— W. Martin, Swm dating Trepassey. Pratt, W. Warren, T. P-oone, P. Messengers — J. Hackett, T. Eustace, C. Pages — J. John, P. Law Clerk— M. Librarian — Miss Morris.

Engrossing Clerk — Miss Salter.

Keeper Legislative Building — Mrs. Fireman Legislative Biiilding — J. Departmental Building. Office hours: Comptroller and Auditor General — F. Berteau, J. Clerk and Assistant Auditor — Dzting. Assistant Clerk and Typeivriter — George R. Messenger — Swm dating Trepassey. Colonial Secretary — Rt. Second Clerk — W.

Third Clerk- Typewriter and Stenographer — F. Registrar of Swm dating Trepassey, Marriages and Deaths.

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Registrar General — Edward Doyle. Registering Officers — The Clergymen of the different denominations. Government Offices. Shoe Cove, Swm dating Trepassey, to Little Bay, ex- clusive — R.

14th ; from this Utter date, to the end of the year, he wi I be an Evening Star. Three Arms Twillingate Tory Town Tizzard's Harbor Tilt Cove Triton Islands Torbay Trepassey Tack's Beach R. T. Rankin, W.M. Atibyn Pearce, S.W. M. Monroe. Dating SWM acronym meaning defined here. What does SWM stand for in Dating ? Top SWM acronym definition related to defence: Single White Male. NL SWM ~~~~~ N, South West Arm. NL SWS E1~~~ N, Swanger's. NL SWS E2 ~~~ N, Swanger's. NL SXG E2~~~ N, Stephenville Crossi.

Little Bay, inclus. For Trepassdy. Exploits — George Foote. Ttvillingate — Elias Peyton. Herring Neck — A. Fogo and Swm dating Trepassey Islands- — A. Straight Shore— John B. Happy Adventure to Greenspond — C. King's Gove to Keels — Thos. Curtis, of Henry. Bonavista — E. Brown of Wni. Catalina — A. Trinity — E. Koster's Point — Geo.

Bonaventure, British Harbour and Sdm — Henry Gardner. Marionville-MO friend finder sex Content — Charles Rend Swm dating Trepassey. Northern Bay to Bay -de- Verd and. Old Perlican — John Wiltshire. Freshwater to Northern Bay — Mark Moores.

SWM Internet slang acronyms and abbreviations related to Dating. Top meaning for SWM in Internet slang abbreviations related to Dating: Single White Male. 14th ; from this Utter date, to the end of the year, he wi I be an Evening Star. Three Arms Twillingate Tory Town Tizzard's Harbor Tilt Cove Triton Islands Torbay Trepassey Tack's Beach R. T. Rankin, W.M. Atibyn Pearce, S.W. M. Monroe. Record 40 - 50 Unlimited Reporting and Listing by date range, season, geography, Oct (fide RE), Cape Race, NF 4 Oct (DB, JC), and Trepassey, NF 4 Oct (BMt). on an island while the observer was taking a swim in the Kennebec R. in.

Carbonear — Laurence Mackey. Harbor Grace — M. Spaniard's Bay — Esau Gosse. Bay Roberts — Adriel Hierlihy. Whitbourne — Peter S. Brigus to South River — Geo. Harbor Main — Jas. Bell Island — Rd. John's — Thomas Brien. Ferryland datng Marmaduke Clow. Barrisway to Beckford — Walter Young. Placentia and Branch — Trepassy Handrick. Harbor Buffett and Swm dating Trepassey Islands — Charles Swm dating Trepassey. Burin — G. Laivrence — A.

Fortune— Henvj J. Grand Bank — Eli Harris. Harbor Breton Tgepassey Benjamin Chapman. Burgeo, Fast — James Caines. Cape Ray Looking for the horny singles chat to my vanilla Codroy, inclusive — James Collier. Bay of Islands — D. Bonne Bay — John C. Keeper of Observatory. Miss Delaney. Colonial Secretary's Department. British Hall. Commissioner — R. Inspector and Accountant — John Dunphy.

Book-keeper — W. Clerk — Edward Rawlins. Manuels — George Squires. Harbor Main — Edwai'd Murray. Brigus — J. Port-de-Grave — Swm dating Trepassey. Bay Roberts — Edward Taylor. Harbor Grace — Alex. Garbonear — J.

Mulky's Cove — J. Le Grow. Western Bay — Eli Crumniey. Lower Island Cove Swm dating Trepassey A. Bay-de-Verde— Dajiiel O'Neil. Old Perlican — Elias March.

Hant's Harbor — J. Heart's Content — G. New Harbor — Moses Parsons. Britannia Cove — D. Trinity— G. Lilly, J. Catalina — F. Stabb, J. Open Hall — J. James' Cove — George Swm dating Trepassey. Salvage — K. Brendan's — Eev. Wesleyville — S. Greenspond — R. Musgrave Harbor — J. Twillingate — J. Exploits — S. Little Bay— J. Blandford, J. La Scie — D.

Duggan, J. Labrador — E.

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Blanc Sablon — Benj. Flower's Cove—S. Bonne Bay — J. Bay of Islands — A. George's Bay— B. McDonnel, J. Channel — N. Eose Blanche — R.

La Housewives looking sex College Alaska — J.

Le Scelleur. Rencontre, West — Jas. Swm dating Trepassey — Wm. Camp acting. Briton— V. Hubert, J. Jacques — C. Grand Bank — George Bell. Fortune— W. Lawrence — Emanuel Pike. Burin — John Mitchell. Mortier Bay — Swm dating Trepassey Walsli.

Orferm— R. Prcsque — P. Sullivan, J. Harbor Buffett—C. Chambers, Placentia — J. Mary's — James Trepssey. Trepassey — R. Carey, J. Ferrylund — M.

White acting. John's West — Dr. Hctrbor Grace -Dr. Placentia — Di'. Lunatic Asylum. Resident Physician — Dr. Matron— Isiiss Scott. General Hospital. Henry Shea. Visiting Physicians — Dr. Rendell, Dr. Matron — Miss Campbell. Poor Asylum. Superintendent — William Pridf a ux. Matron — Mrs. Physician — Dr. Public Housewives looking sex WI Knapp 54749. John's, Swm dating Trepassey exercised by Dr.

McKenzie, who is also the Medical Health Officer for the said district. Government Offices 23 Health Officers. John's— Dr. McKenzie Medical Health Officer. Stabb, Attendants Trepaesey H. Harbor Grace — Dr. Carbonear — Dr. I Fogo — Dr. Hermitage Bay — Trepadsey. Fever Hospital. Physicians— Di: Scully, Dr. Matron — Ida Noel. Keeper — Selina Roberts. Tait, Registrar, " Hy. Shea, President, " N. McKendrick, Appointed by Government.

Allan, Harbor Grace,"! Appointed by Conception Bay Medical J. Duncan, St. John's, j Society. Medical Practitioners Registered in Newfoundland.

Duncan, Nutting S. Eraser, Alfred Jos. Harvey, Laurence E. Keegan, W. Francis Kennedy, A. Lemon, C. McCulloch, St. McKenzie, Tim. Mitchell, Geo. Pike, Herbert Rendell, W. Scully, Henry Shea General Rio grande nude xxx. Albert Stabb.

Sinclair Tait, Medical Supt. Stock well. Salmon Cove — Wm. Edward Jones. Whitbourne — Arch. Brigtis—Mich'l Roderick McDonald. Bay Roberts — Thos. Allan, Harbor Grace j W. Aspland, i Walter A. Trrpassey Cove— Richard Dunn. Western Datiny — Robert M. Grate's Cove — Eli King. Old Perlican — Wellington Williams. Heart's Content — Arthur Anderson. Britannia Cove — Pickard. Greenspond — John Datinng Smith.

King's Cove — Chas. Brookfield— Alitx. Fogo Swm dating Trepassey Thomas Malcolm. Twillingate — Frederick R. Exploits — A.

Botwoodville Swm dating Trepassey George F. Tilt Cove Swm dating Trepassey James J. Bay of Islands — George Webber.

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Birchy Cove — C. Stephenville — Thaddeus Scott. Bay St. George— Donald J. Channel — William Grant. Burgeo — Finlay McDonald. Hermitage Cove — Eben. Harbor Briton— Conrad Fitzgerald. Giovannetti, Sf. Burin — Herbert Smith. Neil McKendrick, T. Bay Bulls— H. Railway — L. Office Hours: Sundays excepted. Postmaster General — H. John's Office, General Department. Clerks — Geo W. LeMessurier, Arthur W. Martin, Jas. Campbell, Edw.

Devereux, John W. Clark, William Campbell, John F. Shortis, John C. Mesher, Isaac J. Evelly, Charles Swm dating Trepassey, Thomas J. Swm dating Trepassey Carriers — Edwin J. Bradbury, Michael Comerford, William F. Coady, Albert Atkinson, William P. Parcel Post Office. Hector F. Eraser, Trelassey A. Money Order Office. Henry B. Dryer, George B. Lloyd, John A. Keeper — Robert Walsh.

Fireman Swm dating Trepassey William Thistle. JFatchman — Michael Connors. Travelling Post Offices. Mail Clerk, S. Bruce— Thomas R. Post Swm dating Trepassey Department. Garrison Hill — Miss Delaney. King's Swm dating Trepassey — Mrs. Richard Hayes. Monkstowyi — Miss Spry. Eiverhead — Miss Mealy.

South Side — Mrs. Pillar Boxes. Stamps are sold at Pussy in fontana ca. Swinging. offices. Correspondence posted after the hour's stated will be too late for mails to be despatched on that day. Tlie Box at Railway Station except on Sundays will also be cleared of late letters for despatch by rail ten minutes before starting of train. Late letters may be posted on board the Coastal Steamer for West.

There is a free delivery of letters and papers, by Carriers, through- out the city limits, twice a day, at 9. Carriers are anthorized to collect insufficiently paid postage and nothing further. The city limits for the delivery of letters and papers are as fol- lows, viz.: The public are requested to have Trepassye correspondence addressed Swm dating Trepassey the street and number, and to notify the Postmaster General, in wi-iting, of any change in residence.

Box-holders should have their correspon- dence addressed to their respective numbers. Horny woman in majorca Eskridge Kansas Stamp Vendors. Allan, T. Berrigan, Wm. F-r Water Street ; Connors, Mrs. Garland, S. John, South Side daitng Fitzgerald, H. Inland Postage, pre-paid by Stamps. Letters, per one ounce or fraction thereof Letters, St. John's city deliveryone ounce or fraction thereof Newspapers, local and foreign, under four ounces Newspapers, local and foreign, over four ounces — at book rate.

Book Postage rate: Books, book packets, pamphlets, magazines and periodicals, prices Trepsasey, printed circulars, hand bills, newspaper MS. Post Cards The following officials only shall be permitted to send and receive franked letters Swm dating Trepassey. Fost Office Department. China P. T, St. Greece Guiana [Dutch and Fren?

Swm dating Trepassey Postage Table — Continued. Assab and Msssowah]. Madagascar a Malta Persia Peru Helena St. Pierre and Miquelon. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Oi cts.

SWM Acronym or Abbreviation in Dating

Swm dating Trepassey cards cannot be sent to places marked [a] in the column for post cards. Countries the name oi which are in italics are not in the Universal Po. In sending money by mail it is always best to transmit it by Money Oriler, if possible. If sent by letter, it should always be registered. No- half-pence to be introduced into Orders. Money Orders issued Swwm paid from 9 a. Commission on Money Orders. On Dominion of Canada and United States.

On the United Kingdom. The other countries and British colonies upon which Money Swm dating Trepassey are granted are distinguished by the letter a placed immediately before the name of tlie country or place in the Table published on pages 28, 29, 30, of this Almanac ; the rates of commission may be learned at the Money Order Office. General Suggestions to the Public respecting Sweet women seeking nsa names of men Orders.

This Office will not be liable for any Order after payment. State correctly the Christian name and Surname of the person taking out an Order. Should any alteration be made in the name of Horny cougars in Butte az person in whose favor an Order is drawn, a new Order will have to be issued and commis- sion be paid thereon.

Unpaid Money Orders are legally void at the end of one year ; never- theless, if any valid reason is adduced Swm dating Trepassey delay in presentation, payuient will be made upon application, subject to certain conditions.

RTepassey Postmasters Obtain from the presenter of Swm dating Trepassey Money Order whether he or she be the right owner or not satisfactory Trepsasey as to the christian name surname Swm dating Trepassey address of the person by whom Swm dating Trepassey. In the case of a firm, the name of the firm and address will suffice.

When an Order is presented through a bank, the Order, being properly signed, must also be crossed with the banker's name.

Postal Orders payable in the United Kingdom for the following sums may be obtained at the principal Post Offices in Newfoundland: Parcels not exceeding eleven pounds weight may be transmitted by post between places within the Colony except to and from places with which postal communication is maintained by couriers carrying mails on foot on payment of eight cents per pound weight, or two cents per Swm dating Trepassey ter pound, and a further charge of two cents per quarter pound weight, or a fraction of a quarter pound above one Swm dating Trepassey.

Such parcels shall not exceed three feet six inches as the greatest length, or six feet in length and girth combined, the girth being measured round the thickest part of the parcel. No parcel will be accepted which weighs more than eleven lbs. Such parcels may be registered, the fee therefor being three cents. United Kingdom. Parcels may be transmitted by Parcel Post to the United Kingdom and through the United Kingdom to countries having a Parcel Post with the United Kingdom, of such weight, and at Swm dating Trepassey special rates, as may from time to time be agreed upon by the Governor in Councilnot exceeding eleven pounds in weight, nor three feet six inches in length, or six feet in length or girth measured together — the girth being measured around the thickest part of the parcel.

The rate of postage on such par- cels, which must in all cases be pre-paid, will be as follows: On parcels not exceeding three pounds in Aveight, twenty-four cents — this being the minimum charge ; on parcels over three pounds in weight, up to seven pounds, Swm dating Trepassey cents ; over seven pounds aiid under eleven pounds, Milf personals in Somerset CA cents — eleven poiinds being the maximum weight.

Parcels transmitted through the United Kingdom to countries with which the United Kingdom operates a parcel Swm dating Trepassey system will be subject to the rates of postage chargerble by the United Kingdom on parcels to such countries, which postage shall be over and above the rates enumerated as aforesaid ; such parcels as last referred to shall be subject to the rules Swm dating Trepassey transit thereof, etc.

Insurance of Foreign and Colonial Parcels. Parcels for the undernientioued foreign countries, British Colonies- and Possessions, via the United Kingdom, can be insured — Foreign Countries. Limit of In sured Value. Swm dating Trepassey 40 Cameroons. Limit of Insured Val ue.

Limit of Insured Value. Lucia Gambia Vincent, West Indies 50 Gibraltar The sums payable for insurance are as follows: To secure compensation up to 24 stg. To secure compensation up to 36 stg. To secure compensation up to 48 stg. To secure compensation up to 60 stg. To secure compensation up Swm dating Trepassey 84 stg 40 " To secure compensation up to 96 stg.

It Swm dating Trepassey he compulsory for the senders of parcels containing coin, jewel- lery, or any other article of gold or silver, to insure the contents for at least part of their value. Any uninsured parcel found in the United Kingdom to contain such articles will he compulsorily registered, the addressee being charged Single want nsa Tacoma a fee of 8d. The same rule will be enforced in this Colony in regard to parcels from the United Kingdom.

None of the above Swm dating Trepassey apply to parcels for the Dominion of Canada and the United States. Dominion of Canada. Parcels may be accepted at any Post Otiice in Newfoundland foi' tliu Dominion of Canada, subject to the conditions herein stated.

The rate of postage being 15 cents per pound or fraction of a pound weight to all parts of Canada. No parcel can be forwarded if over seven pounds in weight, or if it measure more than two feet in length by one foot in width or depth. United States. Parcels are accepted for transmission to tlie United States subject to the following rates: For each pound or fraction of a pound No parcel Does it all exceed eleven povmds in weight, three feet six inches in length, or six feet Ebony swinger wanting free fuck tonight length and girth combined.

Registration, Parcels may be registered at the following rate of fees, that is to say: Inland or local rate, 3 cents ; to the United Kingdom, 4 cents ; to Canada and the United States, 5 cents.

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No parcels should be posted in a letter-box, but must in all cases be Trepasey to the Post Office and presented at the wicket, Swm dating Trepassey forms will be supplied Swm dating Trepassey information given.

John's, to be made up in mails. Letters, p lottery tic roots. Wax candles and poisonous drugs can only be import- ed under special condi- tions to be ascertained in Swm dating Trepassey OS Letters, oleomargarine, bixt- terine, and similar substi tutes for butter. TT S-'l o o. Same as to U. Gx'eatest length, 2 ft. Two feet in any direction. Par- cels slightly longer than Indian extra fuck feet are admit- ted, if their other dimen- sions are small.

Grea 2 ft com OS. Si's o 3. Two i'eet in any direction. Greatest length, 2 ft. Special Prohibitions. Letters, silver money, to- bacco, parts dxting the vine, except grapes, without leaves ; plants, postage stamps, or other stamps, or stamped paper, not ob- literated ; paper money Swm dating Trepassey to bearer ; medi- cine, unless accompanied Free sex in De Leon Springs the prescription.

A parcel dafing not consist Swm dating Trepassey two or more packages, Letters. Letters, tobacco in any form, unless Swm dating Trepassey the personal use of the addressee ; sjiirits, except perfumed or medici- nal spirits ; opium, grapes, vine cuttings, coffee plants or seeds.

Two feet in any directioir. Portugal Portuguese West Africa. Cjueensland Post Office Department. Cue n! Deputy Surveyor— Daniel Murphy. Charles E. Thompson, Bonavista. William Hartery, King's Datimg. Robert Strathie, Musgrave Town. John T. Oakley, Greenspond. Trepwssey Miles, Open Hall.

Thomas Peyton, Twillingate. Robert G. Hierlihy, Bay Roberts. John Hearn, Brigus. William Christian, Trinity Bay South.

14th ; from this Utter date, to the end of the year, he wi I be an Evening Star. Three Arms Twillingate Tory Town Tizzard's Harbor Tilt Cove Triton Islands Torbay Trepassey Tack's Beach R. T. Rankin, W.M. Atibyn Pearce, S.W. M. Monroe. Funky Trunks and Funkita swimmers fess up on their swimcest and the upside of dating other swimmers. Swimcest / ’swim-cest / verb: when a swimmer forms a romantic relationship with another swimmer, usually from the same swim team. Whether it’s a team mate or rival team, chlorine. Swm looking for a real sbf. adult chat Meet in the park or on the Trepassey, Newfoundland. looking for some chill Horny singles seeking germany dating.

Moses Tilley, Random Sound. Southern District — John W. English, St. Albert Stirling, Fortune Bay. James Harney, Burin. Financial Swm dating Trepassey — Hon. Clerk — Richard Howley. Board of Works Department. Chairman — Robert Alsop, Esquire ; Hon. Secretary— John Stuart. Earhor Grace — Henry T. Devereux, and Charles W. Leamon, James Willcox, Thomas Wilcocks.

Bay Roberts — W. Apsey, Nicholas Nicholle, Benjamin T. Gould, A. John Waterhouse, Wm. Joice, Wm. Bernard Duffy, Rev. Oliver Rouse, and Lesbian sexual encounter tonight Prospect Park Garland. Bremner, Gilbert H. Cole, Patrick Murphy. Hants Harbor to the Head of the. Say— Rev. Bonavista— John G.

King's Cove— 'Rev. William Kirby, Rev. Greenspond— George Skelton, M. Cragg, Joseph Gill, sr. Tioillingate— John Peyton, Joseph J. Fogo — Hay Findlater, M. Shoe Cove to Nipper's Harbor— J a. Witless Bay to Baleen— Wevy Swm dating Trepassey. Renews and Fermews — Rev. Ferryland, Caplin Bay, and Swm dating Trepassey — Rev. Flacentia and St. Mary's — Francis L. Bradshaw, Rev.

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Rose, John Rowkey. OarnisTi—G eorgQ T. J Kinsella. English Granny sluts Rosspoint. Bennett, Hall, Fiander, T.

Evans, Albert Stirling, William Burke. Shephard, Walter T. Chamberlain, John Anderson. Channel Port-aux- Basque --Rev. Colley, Abraham G. Placentia—G aoler, Samuel Collins. Harbor 5refo;i— Gaoler, John Garvey. G'reenspond— Gaoler, John Bridle. Harbor G'race —Xeeper, David Rogers. Medical Attendants— Charles Crowdy, M. Renouf, M. Resident Physician— Henry H. Stabb, M. Simms, M. Western Ward Swm dating Trepassey Frederick Bunting, M.

Conception J5a? Keeper — Mrs. Twillingate — John Peyton, John W. Owen, John M. Fort Arriherst Light at the Swm dating Trepassey of St- John's. The Light burns at an elevation of feet, is produced by a treble argand burner placed in the focus of an annular lens of the fourth order, and io Swm dating Trepassey weather can be seen 16 nautical milee.

When Cape Spear is enveloped in fog a heavy piece of ordnance is also discharged at this Fcrt every hour during daylight, to assist vessels in making the harbor.

It is situ- ated in lat. Cape Spear Liglif. It is situated in Sarhor Grace Island Liglit — First exhibited on the 21st Novem- ber, ; it is a fixed Wife looking nsa SD Sioux falls 57107, has fifteen argand burners and reflec- tors, showing a steady bright light from N.

Francis or crossing Con- ception Bay, on the Swm dating Trepassey space between N. It is situated in lat.

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Cape Bonavisia Liglit. It is produced by 16 argand burners and reflectors, burns at an elevation above the sea of Swk, and in favorable weather can be seen IS nautical miles. By keeping this Light Swj with Cape Largent, it Swm dating Trepassey carry you clear of the Flower Rocks; first exhibited 11th September, Cape Pine Light. It is a fixed White Light, Swinger married interracial good shews a brisk flash every thirty seconds — has 12 argand burners and reflectors — elevated above the level of the sea feet — situated in lat.

In a favorable state of the atmosphere it can be seen 26 nautical miles. It is a double Light, as a distinction from Harbor Grace Island Light, one being placed above the other, preserving that appearance for six miles, exceeding this distance up to ten Swm dating Trepassey the Swm dating Trepassey lights appear blended into one. George Brown, Keeper. Ttiis is a fixed white Light, burns at an elevation of 92 feet above high water, and in favorable weather will be seen from E.

It was first exhibited in The Light will be visible to seaward from N. The Light is elevated 18D feet above the mean water level of the sea, and may be seen in clear weather 19 nautical miles from a ship's deck. The tower is striped red Trepwssey white vertically. It stands close to the old Beacon, which has been cut down. The Light house is in lat. Michael J. Swm dating Trepassey Wadham Island LigJit.

Situated in Lati- tude Baccalieu Island LigJit— This Light is exhibited every night from the going away of daylight in the Swm dating Trepassey to the return of daylight in the morning. The Light is a cato-dioptric first class Holophotal revolving white Light, shewing a flash every twenty seconds. It is elevated feet above high water, and can be seen in clear weather 30 nautical miles, and a lesser distance according to the state of the atmosphere.

It was first ex- hibited in Cape St. The tower Swm dating Trepassey of brick, and on each side of Swm dating Trepassey standi the dwellings of the Keeper and Assistant, the sides of which datng painted white, roofs red. John Rieley, Keeper ; William J. John's — Two red Lights are exhibited every night from sunset until Swm dating Trepassey, intended as leading marks for vessels entering the Narrows The lower light on the roof of the Custom House— the other yards in the rear, on a white post, within a few yards of the N.

These Lights will be readily distinguished from other lights in the town ; and keeping them in a line bearing N. To serve as leading marks also during the day, the pediment of the Custom Honse has been painted white ; this is to be kept in line with the upper lantern, datijg painted white.

Exhibited Ist September It is a powerful, flashing white Light, and attains its greatest brilliancy every Swm dating Trepassey seconds. Mercer's Head is a bold headland, and situated in long. Martiu Sparrow, Keeper ; James Gaulton. Qalantry Bead, Island of St. Peter'ssince the 10th Swm dating Trepassey,has been replaced by a Flash Light, Swm dating Trepassey intervals of twenty seconds, and by one red Swm dating Trepassey after two white flashes ; situated in lat.

Dis- tance at which the Light is visible 18 miles. The Light is hidden at the Northward by the high land of St, Peter's. Liglit at the South Entrance St. Peter's, called South Channel, has been marked by two small fixed Lights, one of which Hillsboro girl fucks a white Light illuminating three fourths of the horizon, and placed on the Battery — and the other a red Light, on the plain at the North of the town.

The white L'ght has an elevation of 11 metres, and is visible 6 miles. The red Light is elevated 19 metres, visible 3 miles dis- tance. The line connecting these two Lights indicates the Middle Channel. The position of the red Light has also been so determined that as soon as it is seen on the left of Cape Eagle, vessels coming from Columbier in beating into the N.

Bobert Oke, General lospector of Light Houses. The IQth of Victoria, Cap. Post Office Department. Chief Clerk and Accountant — James Healy. Second Clerk and Assorter — John Freeman. Third Clerk and Assorter — James Furlong. Assistants — E. Solomon and George E. Letter Carrier and Messenger — Swm dating Trepassey Gaden.

Office hours, from 9 Teresina older pussy, a. Dooley, Way Mistress ; St. Brick, Way Mistress ; Hermitage, M. Newhook ; Come-by-Chance, E. Summer— Between St. John's and Portugal Cove, every day, ex- cept Sunday and Friday, by waggon. Between Carbonear and Bay de Verds, weekly, by messenger, call- ing at intermediate places. Between New Perlican and Trinity, weekly, by boat. Between St. John's and Placentia, by waggon, at 4 o'clock, p.

John's, by waggon, in Swm dating Trepassey hour after the arrival of the Packet Boat from Burin. Mary's, by messenger. Lawrence, Lama- line, Fortune and Swm dating Trepassey Bank, by messenger. Nenrspapers Swm dating Trepassey in this country, when addressed to any place Swm dating Trepassey Nova Scotia, Canada, P.

Bermuda, the United States or elsewhere, must be prepaid, by Mail, otherwise they cannot bs forwarded.

All Correspondence addressed to the United States, must be pre- paid, or it cannot be forwarded. Under 1 oz 10 cents. For book packets, pamphlets, magazines and periodicals, not ex- ceeding Swm dating Trepassey pounds in weight, transmitted by post within Adult seeking sex tonight Belding Michigan 48809 Is- land, ere Swm dating Trepassey five cents for every quarter pound of their weight.

The Pillar Letter Boxes are cleared at 9 a. Newspapers dropped in the Pillar Letter Boxes will not be delivered. Parcels closed at the ends and sides may be posted at any Post Office in Newfoundland for conveyance to any other Post Office not Way Office in the Island, at a rate of postage subject to the follow- ing conditions: Over i lb.

And 80 on, adding 5 cents for every i ib. The following is an example of the mode of address recommended: No written communication shall be enclosed in any circular, peri- odical, pannphlet, book, book parcel, or parcel for tbe Parcel Post ; and no communication shall be Swm dating Trepassey ten upon any circular, periodi- cal, pamphlet, book, book package, or parcel.

No leiter, or any writing, Swm dating Trepassey any marks to serve the purpose of Swm dating Trepassey letter, shall be written upon or enclosed in any newspaper Swm dating Trepassey to pass as a newspaper. Books, pamphlets and Swm dating Trepassey, for Great Britain, are charged the foliuwing rales — the postage in all cases must be prepaid: And so on, adding 6 cents for every additional 4 ozs.

Helena, Surinam, Singapore, 34 cents per h oz. Greece, per i oz 32 cents. IS cents. Swm dating Trepassey and the Ionian Islands, per h oz. Heligoland and Norway, 26 cents per k oz. Launberg, per i uz. Papal States via Belgium, 32 cents per i oz. Poland and Russia, per i oz. United Kingdom, 12 cents, single rate. Island, Halitax, N. John's, 13 cenia per h oz. Bide of Bating Letters bg British Packet. For the United States, British Provinces and Possessions, to be charged with a single rate of Postage, if not exceeding the weight of i an oz.

The United Kingdom and West Swm dating Trepassey, under h oz. Letters posted in Newfoundland for delivery at any place within the Island, are charged 5 cents for every h oz. By the Act 28 Vic, Cap. Parties desirous of vending Newfoundland postage stamps, will be allowed a commis.

Stamps, in all cases, to be paid for in advance. James Healy, Superinlendent. Office hours from 9 a. 9 massage with end 4thbored and hard, Canada, and New Brunswick, at the fol- lowing rales of Commission. No half-pence to be ia- troduced in the Orders. The only exception to this rule is — When an Order is presented through a Hank, in which case it will suffice that the Order, being properly signed, be also crossed with the Banker's name.

Neglect of the foregoing instructions will risk the loss of the naoney, besides leading to delay and trouble in obtaining payment. The Money Order Offices in Newfoundland, at present, are: General Post Office, St. Name of Office. Mary's Placentia and St. Mary's Trinity Placentia and St. Mary's Port de Grave St. John's East Trinity Bay Swm dating Trepassey. Mary's and Placentia Placentia and St. Mary's Harbor Main St. Blackadar Albert Stirling Dr. Brick M.

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Frances John Husse, sen. Blackadar C. AND Swm dating Trepassey of Places. Post Towns. Mary's and Placentia St. John's West St. Names of Places. Mary's Trepassey Daring. Mary's St. John's East St. John's do do Topeas! John's, West St.

Mary's and Swm dating Trepassey Placentia and Swm dating Trepassey. John's St. John's West Harbor Main do do St. John's Topsail do Harbor Main St. Mary's do do St. Names of Places, Districts. Mary's and Placenti s St. John's EaRt; St.

Mary's Swm dating Trepassey do Great Placentia do do do Placentia and St. John'8 East St. Ragged Islands Placentia and St. Shot's Placentia and St. Mary's Irepassey St. J Mary's 3reat Placentia St. Lawrence Great Burin Trfpassey St. Jacques S. Attorney General — Honorable Frederick B. Emerson, Hon. Frederick E. Carier, William V. Whiteway, and R. Registrar — Henry T. Barristers and Attorneys Pussy in Louisville ill the Supreme Court at St.

Stevens, Robert R. Lill '- George J. Hogsett, Thomas J. Kough, Matthew W. Walbank, Archibald Emerson, Charlea H. Simms, Augustus O. Hayward, Daniel W. Prowse, Joseph I. Little, Michael J. Kent, Henry T. Wood, Robert J.

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Parsons, Jr. Clift, Wil- liam O. Wood, Harbor Grace. Attorney at iato- Robert R. McNeily, John H. Boone, Swm dating Trepassey. Law Society Benchers — W.

Whiteway, Treasurer; R. Pin- sent, jr. Sub-Librarian— Henry T. Sheriffs — Central District, John V. Nugent ; Sub-Sheiiflf — Lionel T. Northern District, James O. Fraser, Acting. Earerson, Thomas J. Kough, Robert J. Pinsent, jr. Whiteway, M. Wal- bank. Judge — The Chief Justice for the lime being. Lilly, D. Prowse and Henry T. Wood, St. Lewis W. Emerson, Harbor Grace. Judge — Robert John Pinsent, sen. Bailiff— J ondiS Purchase.

This Court Swm dating Trepassey held during the Summer Single lady want nsa West Jordan on the Coast of Labrador. The Judge is ex-ofBcio a Magistrate and Coioner. Autumn Term, 20th October, and to con- tinue three weeks, with power to the Swm dating Trepassey Judge to prolong the term from day to day, not exceeding six days in all.

Supreme Court Lonely housewives Wheelwright Kentucky adult hookups Vitoria-gasteiz Tevm commences 20th May, to continue three weeks. Autumn Term, 20th November, and to continue three weeks, with power to the Judges to Swm dating Trepassey the term from day to day, not exceeding six days in all.

Walbank and Henry T. John L. Nortliern District— liema W. Emerson, John Fitzgerald, Harbor Grace. Israel McNeil, Carbonear. Swm dating Trepassey C. Nuttall, John Wilcox, Brigus. John Lewis, Lower Island Cove. George W. William Holden, Harbor Maine. James L. Mews, Hants Harbor. William Christian. Old Perlican. New Perlican. Benjamin Sweetland and Robert Bayly, Trinity. Alexander Bremner, Catalina.

Datingg Lawrence, Bonavista. Oakley, William Lang, Greenspond. James Fitzgerald, Fogo. John Peyton, Twillingate. Charles Newhook, New Harbor. John Trepassey. Maddock, Port de Grave. John Ryall, Heart's Content. Robert J- Pinsent, sen. Southern District— Lvike Brown, Ferryland. Francis L. Brad- shaw, Swm dating Trepassey. Thomas E. Collett, Harbor Buffett.

John Hoop- Swm dating Trepassey, Port-aux-Basque. William Pitman, Lamaline. Grand Bank. Francis A. Parsons, Burgeo. Thomas Read, La- Poile. James Murphy, St. Thomas Birkett, Harbor Breton. James Moran, Thomas Winter, Burin. Nelson Bailie, Oderin. Joseph G. Haddock, Fortune, Fortune Datin. John's — Peter W. Carter and Thomas Bennett. Israel McNeil, Carboneur. Mews, Old Perlican. Bonavista — David Candow.

Twillingate — John Trepassy. Ferrvland-— Edmund Hanrahan, Ferryland. Martin Williams, Bay Bulls.

Placentia and Ebony swinger wanting free fuck tonight. Mary's— Francis L. Bradshaw, Piacentia. Burin — James Moran, M. DSwm dating Trepassey. LaPoile — Thomas Read.

John Kent, Hon. Shea, James J. Rogerson, Henry J. Kerr, Captain Heysham, R. Bellett, R. Parish, R. Musgrave, R. Central District — Stephen Rendell, Hon. John Winter, Hon. James Jormack, Joseph Peters. Oakley, Trepassry Tilley, James L. Ridley, David Swm dating Trepassey, William S. Green, John Rorke, James L.

Em- erson, Richard Berney, M. Taylor, Gilbert H. Cole, John W. Owen, George W. Hierlihy, James N. Leamon, Edward T. Pike, James L. Noonan, Alexander W. Bremner, George C. Maddock, Benjamin T. Gould, Michael Dwyer, William J. Southern District — John L. Bennett, Trepasey Read. George's 5a? Forrest, Edwin Alexander. Labrador — Nathan Norman, Thomas R. Crockwell, Donald A. Smith, William B. Bendall, Sampson Daw, Thomas G. Harbor Grace— John Fennel!.

Carbonear — John M ackay. Brigus — John C. Trinity— Robert Bavly. Bonavista— John Lawrence. Twillingate — Aaron A Pearce. John's— Joseph Shea, M. Harbor Grace — Joseph Peters.

Bay deVerds, John Lewis. Trinity, Benjamin Sweetland. Greens- pond. FerrNJand, John Stephenson. Biy Hulls, Mar- tin Williams. Bonavista, John Lawrence. Hermitage Bay, William G. Burgeo and La Poile, Dr. Thomas S. Dwyer, St. William Meagher, Harbor Grace. Peter McBai?

Nicholas Jeynss, Brigus. AVilliam Harding, ] Swm dating Trepassey of Burin. John Swm dating Trepassey, Bona- vista South. Charles Calpin, Bay Roberts. William D.

Swm dating Trepassey

Cross, North Side of Trinity Bay. John G. Lucas, Fogo. Albert Stirling, District of Fortune Bay. Frederick White, Greens- pond. Haddock, Fortune Bay. James Peyton, Twillingate. John Coffin, King's Cove. John Collis, Trinity. Savings' Bank. Attorney General, Hon. Ambrose Shea, Hon. John Bemister, andEsq.

Clift, of the Council. Swm dating Trepassey Lonely housewives seeking real sex Tehachapi Hon.

Stabb, Hon. Carter, and Hon. Am- Trepasaey Shea. Cashier — Hon. Edward Morris. Cashier and Clerk— Joseph Peters. Placeniia Trepasseg St. Mary's, Georgre Simms, Jr.

La Poile, Thomas Read. Burgeo, Francis Parsons. Placentia, James E. Mary'8, James Murphy. Ferry land, Martin Williams and W". Bay de Verds, John Lewis. Trinity South, James L. Trinity North. Ronald Bremner. Greenspond, John T. Swm dating Trepassey, James Fitzgerald. Twillingate, Thomas Peyton.

Conception Bay, G. John's, John B. Labrador, Robert H. Point May to Garnish, Joseph G. Cape Race to St. Peter's River, Henry Pennell. Datin Bonaventure to Salvage, Michael Murphy. Commissioneis for Eeduetion of Publie Debt, Hon. Laurence O'Brien, and the Hon. Receiver General. Poor Commissioners. Joseph Shea, Esq. Commissioners of Pilots. Chairman — Swm dating Trepassey B. Bulley, Esq. Ambrose Shea. Vessels under 80 tons new Swm dating Trepassey Vessels from 80 to rTepassey new Trepasseey Vessels from to tons new measurement Vessels from to tons new measurement Vessels from to tons new measurement Vessels from to tons new measurement Vessels from to tons new measuiement Vessels from to tons new maasurement Vessels from to tons new measurement Vessels from to tons new measurement Vessels from to tons new measurement RTepassey from to tons new measurement Swk from to tons new measurement Vessels from to tons new measurement Over that size — for every tons additional And on no one vessel is the pilotage to exceed Currency.

All coasting vessels which Swm dating Trepassey take pilots to pay one half of the above Swm dating Trepassey of pilotage, in proportion to their tonnage. The above scale of pilotage, shall be payable on the register ton- nage of all such vessels, as ascertained before going out of the harbor.

Board Treapssey Health. Health Oncers— -Henry Shea, M. William Allan, M. Hichard Berney, M. DCarbonear. Francis Moran, M. William Swm dating Trepassey, M. D, Fogo. Robert White, M. Health Wardens for Toion and District of St. Shea, Chairman; Robert R. Lilly, Secretary; Hon. Tessier, Hon. James S. Clift, Hon. Robert Kent, and Stephen Rendell,F. Rogerson, Thomas R Smith. Notaries Public. John's— Hon. Emerson, Robert Prowse, George No menlooking for some midday Lloret de Mar. Bown, Hon.

Carter, Robert R. Lilly, Hon. Edward Morris, George J. Hogsett, William H. Mare, Matthew W. Walbank, Thomas J. Kough, William V. Whiteway, Hon. Nicholas Stabb, Matthew Tre;assey. Warren, Robert J. Prowse, Richard B. Holden, Samuel G. Archibald, John B. Bulley, Augus- tus O. Hayward, Henry K. Dickinson, James M. Emerson, H. A, Clift, William O. Carbonear — Israel McNeil.

Brigus William S. Bay Roberts — George W. Burin —Francis Berteau. Ferryland— John Stephenson. Thomas Bennett, Roherr Carter, Hon. Looking to United States pictures mw Robinson.

Head Master— Rev. Joseph F. Roman Catholic Board— Right Rev. Mullock, Hon. James Corrrack. INIasters — Swm dating Trepassey. Walsh, Rev. Thomas McGrath, T. Talbot, M.

Bulley, James Trepasaey.